Why I want my book published!



I’ve had a few ambitions in my life, like I’ve wanted to be a very different things when I grow up, but being a writer has been something I’ve wanted for a very long time. I have vivid memories of wanting to be a writer as a child but, as I was a child, I got no further than writing out my own ‘Learn your ABCs’ book repeatedly and trying to draw pictures of apples and bees.

I’ve thought of five reasons (or motivations) as to why I’d love to get my book published, and hopefully soon.

1) Holding a hardback copy of my book – I love hardback books, they just feel so important and precious and to hold my own work, published in hardback for all the world to read would be such an honour. I would cry so much

2) I want people to love and hate and discuss and speculate and care about my book like I do – I look at fanbases like Harry Potter and how they’ve expanded on the universe of Harry Potter as much as JK Rowling has and the franchise lives on despite Harry’s story reaching it’s ‘end’ (is Harry Potter ever really going to end?!). I’d love it if people could love and cherish my book and the universe I’ve created as much as that.

3) Just imagine the fanfiction! I love fanfiction as an art form – I love people expressing themselves and writing some really, really incredible work about a franchise they really love. I’ve already had fanfiction written of my book by an old friend and I can’t wait to see what other people do with my characters. I’ll read every single one. Well, most of them.

4) Seeing my own book in a shop window or on a shelf next to other established, real authors would be such a dream come true. I’d just randomly go into book shops and sign some for fun like sneaky sneaky.

I’ll probably also stroke the covers a bit and cry. Just for personal reasons.

5) I just can’t wait to share my story with other people – I’ve had this whole story with characters that feel almost like people to me in my head for so long, it’s been mine for so long and I really can’t wait to share it.

Thank you for reading (I better get back to writing!),

Sophie xx


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2 thoughts on “Why I want my book published!

  1. Your reasons for wanting to be a writer remind me of my own. I like talking with readers about my books^^ Even though my book isn’t published, one of my readers has already written a fanfiction about it. I hope you become a published author one day^^


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