British Summer



This week in Britain has been ridiculously hot – it’s been hitting 30 degrees every day and it’s likely that everyone in the world knows about it because as a nation we may be small, but as a people we can complain like no one else.

The British are losing it, essentially.

We’re not designed for heat – we melt, we don’t have air con in our houses (I had to go and spend £20 on a fan and that’s money I really can’t be affording to spend!), we’re getting very hot and sweaty and yesterday, I went to the toilet and came back to find my boyfriend curled up in a ball with the fridge door open.

If that doesn’t summarise Britain right now I don’t know what does.

But as a British person, I’m entitled to say that we’re awful – we’ll complain about the heat but the second it gets cloudy or overcast we’ll complain that British weather is awful and we with we could be somewhere warmer.

Realistically, no one really wants Britain to be warmer because we burn very easily. See Example A.


There’s even a mark where my necklace was. Also, the freckles are very real in this photo and I only just noticed wow.

On a genuine note – I know there are a lot of people that are struggling to function in this heat. I and everyone I know have been getting very overheated and dehydrated and it’s difficult to find the motivation to actually get anything done. But I’m also 100% done with all the articles that say ‘Britain was hotter than all of these places today’.

It’s not like anyone in those places would be saying ‘damn, I wish I was in Britain today’. It’s a really stupid attitude.

But there are pros and cons to the weather – I like the sun in some respects, it’s a nice bit of relief from our awful political situation as a country and personally it makes a difficult economic situation easier to handle but it’s much more pleasant to get out of bed in the morning when it’s sunny day.

And when it’s so painfully hot, getting out of bed is the only option anyway.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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