Writing at a festival!



I was offered the chance to work as a copywriter at NASS Festival with my uni’s production company Solent Productions. I was super nervous about the whole weekend but it worked out really well – the marketing team gave us an overall weekend project rather than short immediate deadlines which suited my anxiety just fine!

I did suffer major anxiety that weekend and I spent about two hours each night on the phone to Lucas just to calm me down, but that’s not very fun to talk about so I’m talking about the fun stuff.

My task was to write Buzzfeed-style ‘listicles’ (I did not come up with that word, that came from the marketing team and I want no association with it… it’s such an awful word) so I wrote posts like ‘8 Best Things About NASS 2016’ and articles along those lines. As soon as I have the links I’ll post everything I wrote from the weekend! Alongside the list posts, I was given the freedom to write basically whatever I want so I wrote up a couple of artists interviews and a fun article about the importance of the street art at NASS.

So at first is was mostly just brain storming ideas, thinking of the contents of each of the lists and browsing around the festival to gather information. Then over the course of the weekend I went and took some pictures, used some of the footage that the camera ops had been out to film and learnt to make gifs. I can make gifs now! Look!


I’m not sure why it’s so slow but I made it! Still very proud of this skill I acquired.

But sitting in a portacabin all weekend was actually really boring so whilst I spend the time I was in there writing, I went out of my way to find other things to do where I was still helpful, still gathering information for myself and not staying in a very small room all day.

(I’ve consequently given myself a lot more work to do this week since I’ve been back but it’s been fun either way!)

I knew I wanted to attend a few of the interviews that we as a production team were conducting because I intended to write them up as articles but towards the end of Saturday and Sunday I went to every interview we were doing to both practice my interview skills as a journalist and help out the producer who was being given a lot of phone numbers and a lot of people not showing up.

Having access to all areas was super fun, we got to go behind main stage, I got to meet so many artists and the free food at catering was actually great, I was expecting burger van chips all weekend.

The highlight of the weekend, for me, was helping set up an interview with Enter Shikari – they were the only band I’d heard of the whole weekend and they were there as we were interviewing someone else so we just asked them if they were up for an interview and it was actually one of the best interviews we did all weekend. The band were so chill and so sweet and I saw Rory the next day and I think he recognised me, it was really fun and I really hope I get crewed for another festival so I get to do it all again.

In terms of reading what I wrote this weekend, I finished writing the last piece today and I’m going to finish off all the gifs today and tomorrow then send it all to the marketing team.

I’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity and I want to thank both NASS Festival and Solent Productions!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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