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I’m making this Update Monday series a thing, not only to ‘document my progress’ in the most pretentious way possible but also to motivate me to actually have something to write about each week!

Hopefully it’ll get more productive as each week goes on. I’ll be honest, this week has been more productive than last week’s post was, but the progress is marginal I’m ashamed to admit.

In terms of writing – I actually started! I sat down and wrote about 1700 words and got to a point in chapter 1 where I felt happy with the introduction and I was ready to start expanding on the introduction of each character.

When I went to work at NASS last Thursday, I took stuff with me with intent to write more of the book in my down time at the end of each working day but to be honest? I really didn’t have any – a festival doesn’t ‘finish’ until the early hours of the morning and the crew and I were working or sleeping for most of the time we were there.

I’m in a position where I can definitely finish chapter 1 this week and what I did do when I wasn’t writing is that I finished my writing of the plan having finished rereading the book and I really loved the ending. Yes, I said it – I love the ending of my own book. Obviously not that I was surprised by the ending, I’m just surprised at how well 16-year-old Sophie managed to write it. But in the absence of writing, at least I finished planning!

I’m currently on 2,382 words, which actually sounds okay… until I reveal that I should be hitting 17,743 words today. But! (Another ‘but’ to try and redeem myself) I’ve not got another shift at work until a week on Thursday so once I’ve finished the writing for NASS that I have to send off this week, my whole days are going to be filling with a lot of writing and I’ve got a lot planned to try and be as creative as I can!

I really am falling in love with my characters again. One of the main reasons for wanting to redraft this book is that even after almost four years, it’s still my proudest achievement and the thought of seeing it published and cherished makes me so, so excited.

And think of the fanfiction it would be so wonderful.

In terms of working out, I feel like the ‘update’ on that is almost as disappoint as the ‘update’ on my not-starting-writing last week – I worked out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of last week but I got on a coach to go get work experience at music fesitival NASS on Thursday and left behind all and every opportunity to work out.

Work experience was hard – it was long busy days and late nights and I was hoping to have room in my tent to do some stretches but it turns out the double air bed I bought only just fit in the tent. I barely had enough room for my bags let alone somewhere to do sit ups!

But (again) I was doing exercise in terms of carrying equipment and walking everywhere – so I’m just going to continue with Day 6 tomorrow. Day 6 consists of 35 sit ups, 15 crunches, 15 leg raises and a 25 second plank, an attempt at the splits and a hamstring stretch that I’ve nicknamed ‘the cuddly snuggle’.

(Essentially you lie on your bag and hug your straight legs to your chest)

I’m not noticing any progress as of yet – I feel more flexible but in terms of abs I’m feeling bigger than ever actually. I’ve noticeably gained weight in my arms, I feel a lot bigger in my tummy area and my legs feel flabby too. I’m trying to eat healthy and I feel like I’m trying to do as much exercise as possible so I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m just going to carry on and hope to see progress later!

I’m going to jump head first back into my workout and I’m making myself go back to the gym this week too – this workout stuff is not going to get the better of me and the money I spend on gym membership is not going to go to waste!

This part of the post has just made me feel really fat and bad for myself. Well that didn’t motivate me at all. Time to catch up on sleep, home work out tomorrow and first gym session in a while on Wednesday – trying to stay optimistic!

Thank you for reading – I hope you like Update Mondays!

Sophie xx


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