Why do books need drafts?



I follow a couple of writers on YouTube and they quite often acknowledge at what point in writing a book they’re at, but at face value they only ever seem to do one draft of a book. Sure they have editors et cetera but I’m on the third draft of my book and I’m only now starting to think it’s done.

The reason I’m redrafting my book, is that it’s been almost 4 years since I first wrote the book and my writing style has changed a lot because I’ve been writing for about eight years now – there’s been a lot of room to change. It doesn’t help that I was 16 when I first wrote it and at almost-20 I know a lot more about the world and life than I did then.

So the book needs updating a bit!

Having taken a couple of years break from this book, it’s easier to reread it and approach it from an angle where I’m prepared to actually rewrite it (where in the past, the thought of trying to write the book again hurt my heart a lot).

Another difference that having a rather large break from the book means I can spot all the flaws. All of them. So many flaws.

But writing a book takes a lot longer than reading one – sometimes it takes rewriting it or another person reading it to realise a word has been used really repetitively or there are continuity errors riddled throughout it. Writing this post just makes me realise how many flaws and mistakes there are in my book.

But I am really enjoying writing the book again! Since writing the update post on Monday and realising how behind I was I have started to catch up! I’m loving that I’m actually making it better because I feel like this might actually be the last draft of Type 3: Hyper-Intelligent. I’m so excited!

At present, I’m still at NASS but I’ve already planned to keep up with my Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule and I’m writing down ideas all the time!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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