Preparing to work at a festival!

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I leave for NASS tomorrow and I just thought I’d jot a few thoughts down before I leave so I can compare them when I get back – don’t worry, I’ll feed back!

Packing is a little bit daunting – I followed the list of things that’s recommended to bring and part of me feels like I’m overpacking and the other part of me thinks that I’ve left for too much behind. So far, I’ve got a lot of space left in my bags and Lucas has given me some advice based on his experience at Glastonbury, but I’m still concerned.

I’m actually really nervous about the whole thing – I’ve never been to a festival, it’s been a long time since I last camped and I’ve not done any journalism style copywriting since about March so the more I think about it, the more nervous I get. My stomach feels funny and I’ve been grumpy for a few days now… sorry Lucas!

I’m just worried that my laptop will run out of charge or I won’t be writing anything right or I’ll get lost or I just won’t fit in with anyone else there or maybe I’ll be the only one that hasn’t done a festival before or maybe I’ll be the only one not drinking or I’ll get really anxious and worry too much.

Can you tell I’m worrying a lot about little things that probably won’t matter at all?

I think because this is something I’m considering a future in, I’ve put a lot into what this weekend will be so it’s more daunting than it already is.

But I am trying to think of it as exciting – it’s a weekend out of Southampton, surrounded by music and hopefully like minded people… hopefully. I’m in a kind of negative, pessimistic mood which isn’t helping right now.

I really am trying to remain optimistic, I really am!

I just want to be good and do well.

(Also, I’m taking my DSLR camera, even though I’m not a photographer, so I can get lots of photos for you guys!)

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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