What I Could Do Now: Post-June



My June blogging plan went a lot better than I expected and it was mostly because I had nice colourful plans in a notebook that is now my dedicated blog book and I fully intend to maintain a sort of schedule – my plan is to see out blogging the end of this week and then maintain (how many times have I said that?) a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.

I had a lot of ideas once I’d finished planning out my posts for June – I want to document my workout and writing progress throughout the month as it will be keeping my July busy. I like being busy, being busy keeps me occupied and calm in a weird way so it’s just finding a balance of not taking on too much and still being occupied, but I’m working on that!

I’m going to keep planning blog posts whenever I think of them and hopefully that will continue to keep me a few posts ahead and I’ll stay motivated and inspired! Having a specific notebook has helped me so much in terms of turning ideas into blog posts.

I would be interested in writing updates of my working out and writing but I’m more interested in whether you, as a reader, would be wanting to read that kind of content! If you have any specific requests or topics you’d like me to cover, please leave a comment!

Writing more recipes would be more fun as well, particularly as I just moved into a flat that doesn’t have an over so it might be fun to do some oven-free recipes, maybe aimed at students going to university in the near future? Feedback would be fab!

My intention is to keep content as varied as I can but I would like to do more cooking posts because I just find writing my own spin on recipes is really fun.

Three posts a week seems like something I could both face and maintain at this point and maybe there’ll be a bonus weekend post every now and then too! I could even do the very YouTube-y thing of having workout/writing updates on Monday, something on Wednesday and maybe a recipe on Fridays? My problem there is that I probably couldn’t think of a new recipe to write every week and the workout/writing updates would draw to an end at some point too and it’s a way of limiting my content, which isn’t what I want!

I’m going to try and keep it up, but I’ve been saying that all year!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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