Scrapbooking | June



I really like the idea of scrapbooking – being able to preserve memories and decorate them in a way that’s personal and fun – and I have a scrapbook and a pile of stuff that I want to put in it… but I did it once for a whole day and I haven’t done it since.

I love having and saving memories – all the things going in my scrapbook were once in my memory box or on my wall of stuff at home and I loved finding ways to arrange them with cute little things to label the memories. I often use present labels or place cards and I like finding things that aren’t designed for scrapbooking that I can use for scrapbooking!

I would love to have a bigger assortment of stickers but they cost money, I like using white string and ribbon as well – I use everything I can! Or at least I did and I would if I did it again… oops?

I am a massive hoarder and I keep everything for memories sake – wristbands from concerts and competitions and cinema tickets and little bits and pieces of things that make me happy or smile or laugh. So, consequently, my pile of scrapbooking stuff is forever growing and as I don’t work on my scrapbook, there’s nothing to bring the pile down as of yet!

But the book was already getting really fat with all the stuff I stuck in there so god knows what it’ll look like if I finish it!

It’s really fun, I loved my memory box and it’s so nice to have something I’ll be able to browse through when I’m older too.

I’m treating my scrapbook as a sort of physical video blog, a way of saving stuff and I might as well do something with the things I don’t like throwing away!

I’m hoping to get back into it when we move into the flat because my whole life will fall into place and I’ll be more organised. But most importantly, we’ll have a kitchen table and it’ll be a much easier environment in which to scrapbook!

Everything will get better when we’re in the flat and I can sort my life out. I love this flat and we don’t even live there yet! Four more days – can’t wait!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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