How I Write Blog Posts | June



This month has been an incredible month for me and it’s really reignited my love for blogging again. Mostly because I’ve been much more organised in planning my posts a lot more – it’s colour coordinated and I make notes, sometimes a week in advance depending on how early I have the idea.

But here’s how I write my posts, step by step!

I start by coming up with the idea – I find that if I go looking for ideas I become particularly uninspired so I find ideas in every day life and from what I read online and what I’m watching. I find blog posts easier to write if I actually have an interest and knowledge of the subject! (Hence why no posts regarding the EU referendum).

The next step is picking a colour to write in because I don’t want to use the same colour again too soon or have any colours clashing – it’s very important.

After deciding what colour to write my title in, I use a normal biro to write a page of bullet pointed notes of points I want to make in the blog post. I find it gives me more of an idea of what I’m writing and my posts have more of a structure as a consequence.

(Sometimes at this point I have a shoot to take the header photos for my posts but not for every post).

When I actually get to writing the post on my computer, I start with titling, selecting the categories (a wordpress thing that sections my posts into categories, so if you want to read all my posts in 2016, got to the 2016 category!), setting the featured image and writing the caption that will be automatically posted on my social media in sharing. I call this bit ‘admin’ though, realistically, it’s not very admin-y at all.

I then write the notes I’ve made out in bullet points and from those bullet points I then write them out in full – some sentences I do write word for word but I often expand on a lot of points in much more depth, using it as a prompt.

Then I scroll through and pretend to proofread the post but often at this point I’m very tired and upload it without reading it because I am very lazy. It’s not really a good thing. I’m working on it!

Once I’ve published it, I have a look at it on the website to make sure it’s all formatted correctly and then it’s all done and dusted!

It’s mostly waiting for a response from that point – I often get feedback from Lucas and my mum to tell me about their thoughts on the post. I don’t get masses of views so I’m not exactly overwhelmed with comments to monitor but I write my blog because I like writing my blog, not because of who reads it.

And that’s a little inside look into my method of blogging, I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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