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I’m quite an introverted person – I like being inside and in my own comfortable zone, socialising really tires me out and I’m quite happy in my own company.

But there are aspects of my personality that don’t fit the introverted description, sometimes I do need to see people and in work, I’m good at being a sociable and better-functioning human. On YouTube in particular, when I’m filming videos I can be quite outgoing and extroverted.

And what made me feel better about everything is that there’s a word for someone who shows aspects of both being introverted and extroverted – ambivert!

Having aspects of both is not necessarily a bad thing – none of these personality types are a bad thing but as someone who was quite happy showing aspects of both but not really knowing what to call it, it was confusing. A balance of both was important to me and then it had a name!

For me, being ambiverted means that I have a massive energy drain from being social and I can always tell after events like MCM where everything was people and being brave enough to say hi to YouTubers I love and then I crashed when we got home. But then consequently, if I spend too much time alone I go crazy and I often feel really low and anxious and people do bring me up emotionally sometimes. Ambivert!

Being one way or the other isn’t a bad thing, but finding ‘ambivert’ as a term was a thing that was really reassuring for me as someone who was very conflicted as to whether they were introverted or extroverted.

I am more introverted than extroverted, for sure but I definitely feel like I have aspects of both and they make me who I am – which is proud! I’m proud of myself.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx



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