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So, I’m not very good at regularly using bloglovin – I tend to just click through notifications and then binge read for three hours. Last time I binged, I was reading through my friend Renee’s blog (meetonthehighstreet) and I saw she did a little series called ‘10 thoughts a day‘ (I highly recommend it, it was so good!). She wrote down the time and the thoughts she was having at those times and I thought it was a super cool idea to write down these sentences and thoughts basically completely out of context

So I was feeling all inspired and planning ahead and I was like yes, on Monday I’ll make sure to make notes all day and give a really good summary of my day.

Did I do that?

Of course I didn’t!

My day was pretty boring today anyway – it was raining really hard this morning but me and Lucas stayed in bed till 11 then I got out of bed to get ready for work, I went to work and Lucas met me after work with a drink and muffins because he is the best boyfriend in the entire world and then we came home, he got ready for a job interview and then he went and I lay on my bed and watched YouTube videos and then I started writing this blog post and realised the error I had made.

Then Lucas returned less than an hour later having had a really successful job interview and getting an email saying he’d been confirmed to work at graduation so I didn’t even get to finish the blog post.

Alongside the point that I’m really, really tired and I haven’t had any interesting thoughts today at all other than counting down to the minutes till the end of my shift.

So what I will suggest is that you go and check out Renee’s blog meetonthehighstreet because she is a brilliant writer and has a wonderful blog and probably wouldn’t make this kind of mistake!

Also side note, Renee did the 10 thoughts posts about four months ago but I was proper binge reading and just scrolling and reading for ages. Sorry not sorry?

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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