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To some, the fact that I started doing monthly vlogs and they became the only videos that I put on my YouTube channel might have been a bit of a surprise – sure, I made videos every week for two years but I didn’t really do vlogging in the sense of documenting my day or week or month (as you can probably tell in January).

Yes, this post is just going to be shameless self promotion for my monthly vlogs.

The idea for monthly vlogging (to me at least) first came from Sammy Paul, who called his series PMS which stands for Pretentious Monthly Scrapbook. He used clips from old home videos alongside vlogging his daily life and I loved this style – I keep nagging my dad to give me our old home videos to figure out and include in my vlogs but he’s not done it yet! I loved Sammy’s vlogs a lot – they were so beautifully edited and you can tell that he’s a filmmaker because the style reflects in the way he edits his vlogs, it just makes for really entertaining viewing.

And then 2014 drew to a close and that marked the end of Sammy’s project (though December went up later in 2015) and the beginning, of Hazel Hayes project that she called Time of the Month.

Because the period puns are flying with the monthly vlogging series’.

Hazel’s series inspired me as much as Sammy’s did – her style was another one of a filmmaker and I love the way she makes a montage. I’d like to think you can tell which vloggers I love from how I edit but I’m not as good as them at editing.

So with Hazel monthly vlogging throughout 2015 and me doing my blogging project at the same time, as the year was drawing for a close I knew that I needed something to focus on in the same way in 2016.

Now, if I’m honest, I feel like neither of these were really a good idea, but here we are.

So far, I’d say that each project has a similar workload but blogging was working every single day whilst vlogging is a lot of work in a short period of time – the edit is the worst bit, vlogging itself isn’t actually that hard because it’s just filming myself and assuming people care.

I have a massive fear of forgetting things – whenever I go to a concert I film basically every song because I’m so scared of forgetting things so in terms of that, this project was a good idea. But I film an hour and a half worth of footage (on average) every month so it’s a mammoth edit. I’m sure Sammy and Hazel had like hours and hours of footage and I think my longest was two hours but either way, I’m currently putting off editing May. I wish I was motivated to edit it because thee’s MCM, Sammy’s in it, Dodie’s in it, there’s a Busted concert. It’s going to be really good, there’s more drone footage too!

I really want to watch it finished I just don’t want to edit it. Like how I want to drive but don’t want to learn to drive. I’m so unmotivated in all aspects of my life. At least I’m consistent.

I always love it after I’ve done the edit because my friends all really like my vlogs (or so they tell me) and it’s so nice to look back on but… effort, it’s a big task to approach – it’s really intimidating.

I really do love finding new ways to make the vlog more creative a fun challenge and this blog post is making me feel more and more guilty about not editing it yet. What it does do, is remind me how much I do love making YouTube videos and hopefully I’ll get back into sitting in front of the camera, especially when we’ve moved into the flat and I can make a really pretty background – it’s actually exciting.

(April is definitely my favourite vlog so far, I’m really pleased with it)

And my way of procrastinating everything!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx



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