Moving again | June



Before I’d move to uni, I’d never moved house or anything before – I’ve lived in the same house since I was a baby and the concept of upping and moving my life somewhere else was completely foreign to me! But now I’ve moved across the country, I’ve helped my mum move out of the town I know so well and I now I’m preparing to move again.

It’s just under 2 weeks until Lucas and I move into our summer flat so there’s a massive pile of empty boxes in the corner of the room – our plan is to start casually packing before Lucas goes to Glastonbury and then when it’s just me, I’m going to pack the entirety of my room and once Lucas has returned, we can blitz pack his room in the three days we have before we move.

With me being away last week and Lucas being away for a week before we up and move across town, we actually don’t have that long to pack up at all.

As someone who likes organising, this challenge isn’t one that I’m too bothered by yet – I’m almost excited to pack everything in the most efficient way possible and to unpack and make the new flat ours (even if only for 76 days!) before we move again in September.

I’m looking forward to being settled in a new place – once we’ve moved, the rest of my summer is working, working out and working on my book, I’m quite excited! Having a solid routine again is something that I miss.

I imagine the stress will hit nearer July 1st when Lucas hasn’t packed a single thing – he was meant to start packing while I was away during the week and he didn’t do a thing, so the stress is almost inevitable! I’ll keep you reliably informed – probably when I’m uploading blog posts at midnight!

Any tips for moving? This is the first time I’ve packed without an actual adult to tell me what to do!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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