Family holidays | June



I love travelling – both travel vlogging and blogging are things are really want to have the chance to do in the future but I love being able to get away and explore and try new things, whether that be in a different country or my own.

holidays 3Whilst I would love to be able to afford to just jump on a plane and go wherever, I’ve just returned from a family holiday to Centre Parcs, Woburn and it’s actually be really good. It’s been really nice to relax and step away from everything for a week, considering how intensely I’ve been making to do lists and being super productive and I just stepped away from that for a few days – I was mostly playing Toontown Rewritten because I’m a child. Stop judging me. (It’s great).

holidays 5I fully intended to go swimming and go to the gym whilst we were on holiday but then my sister dyed my hair for me (it looks so good I’m so pleased with it) and I didn’t want to ruin it with the chlorine and I cycled quite a bit so I used that as my excuse not to go to the gym and also I’m very, very lazy. And I was on holiday! I’m not gym-motivated enough to go to the gym on holiday yet.

It was a chance to spend time with my family, my wonderful sister dyed my hair for me and she showed me all the make-up she bought at a convention she went to a couple of weeks ago and I meant to do a lot of creative things such as finish planning my book but I didn’t write a single word – which was quite nice! (I think I’m going to have a writing day soon).

holidays 4It was a holiday full of good movies, good food, catching up and chilling out and we were all very much enjoying it!

I was a little bit nervous about this holiday – it’s the first holiday I’ve been on with my mum and sister since my parents split up last year and I thought it might be a bit weird but it was actually okay. It’s not normal yet, but it was okay.

holidays 2I’ve not talked about the split at all on my blog and I’ve considered it from the perspective that it might help someone but it happened very quickly and I’ve not adjusted to it yet because I’ve not been home enough to get used to it. Mum and Dad have been splitting up at home and I’m living in Southampton so every time I go home it’s a little bit more normal.

Southampton is my home now and I’m dealing with it my own way – I might write a blog post about the whole thing when Dad’s house sells (that’s been my home for 19 years so it’ll probably be an emotional little post about my house!).

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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