Drawing | June



I’m not very good at drawing. I’ll say that – I almost took art for GCSE and I didn’t and I’ve probably not drawn since then. It’s something I’ve always wished I was naturally good at but with other skills that I am better at, I’ve focused on them.

But I still wish I drew more! I’m not very good at it, don’t get me wrong – if I tried really hard and dedicated myself to it I could do something eventually but I’m definitely not a natural.

I want to develop my own style and be good a doodling something other than feathers but I’m not very good at drawing at speed – if I copy a picture detail for detail and have a lot of time then I’m okay but it’s a skill I really wish I was more of a natural at.

I liked doing digital drawings on a tablet that I borrowed from my sister but she took it back. Yes it was hers, but that’s not the point at all! (I’m joking, obviously).

I’m not one for boasting my own talents – I’m quite a self-pessimistic person and anyone that knows me knows that getting me to say I’m good at something or I look nice or anything positive about myself is a mission and a half. But I know I’m good at writing – I wouldn’t have written a whole novel or over four hundred blog posts to not have got better at writing – so obviously I spend more of my time doing that then working on drawing, but I’m trying to find more of a balance.

I’m going to try and do some colouring over the holidays which I think might perhaps lead to drawing, but for now I’ve got a Harry Potter colouring book and that I can sit and watch Netflix with! Something to try and calm me down, rather than ‘being productive’ until midnight and going to bed – I need to start putting ‘winding down’ time into my to do list!

I’m feeling very productive right now, so maybe learning to draw will be something I do over the summer! I’ve got another four months off uni so plenty of time yet.

I like to brand myself as a creative person and I like to think of drawing as another way to express myself that I haven’t mastered yet. Alongside playing guitar, playing piano, playing ukulele, uploading youtube videos regularly and many, many other skills.

But I can string some words together!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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