Dungeons and Dragons: not as nerdy as you think it is! | June



If someone says ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, it’s a phrase very much associated with the nerdiest of the nerd and before I started playing it I would have agreed – I was apprehensive to say the least.

It sounds like a super complicated board game with lots of pieces and cards and cult nerds in intricate costumes who would rather spend money on dice and magic wands than food.

And some people are like that, but it’s not always like that at all – our game is quite a long way away from that.

D&D is, at it’s simplest, a story game – the Dungeon Master (DM) is mostly in control of the story and where it goes but the characters as a group of friends or comrades or bandits or whatever you want to describe them as decide the consequences. Wherever they go and whatever task they take on decides the fate of the rest of the game and it’s really, really fun.

It’s such an original game that you get the freedom of creating really original characters that can be whatever you want them to be – one of my friend’s characters had a backstory where Orcs killed his father and it become sort of a running joke whilst another character was a three foot tall tank who could barely be hit by anything who had a little useless goblin companion that I accidentally obliterated… whilst simultaneously killing everything else we were fighting! Either way – it becomes really fun game where you really get to know your characters and each other’s characters.

The game really does evolve with the people who are playing it.

Also it involves the DM using a lot of funny voices to impersonate all the characters and it’s just a really good laugh of a game, especially to play with a great group of friends.

Lucas was having a fight with some shrubbery at one point, it was incredible. I think the rest of our characters were literally laughing on the sidelines at this point.

The more you play, the more you level up and skills you gain and you become kind of attached to a character – I know I’ve got a soft spot for Caelyn, Calimari, Stocky and Amara.

I’m not sure how else to say that it’s just a really fun, fantasy, story game and I thoroughly enjoy playing it with my friends.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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