Being Creative | June



I pride myself as a creative person and I try to find a creative approach to everything I do – I like finding ways to do things that makes them a bit more personal and individual to me or maybe doing things in a way that other people might not think of.

(I thought I’d blog about some of the ways that I like being creative but when taking the feature photo, Lucas posed with some funny faces with the candle lighter so I wanted to include them… enjoy!)


Making content online and being comfortable sharing things about my life makes it easier to find ways to express myself creatively (I find). On YouTube, I make monthly vlogs where I film essentially the ‘best bits’ of my month and edit them into 20 minute episodes. Often there’s a montage of a concert, my friends being a bit weird and sometimes I get a bit emotional but I cut most of that out so my friends and family don’t worry about me.

Whilst there’s a big argument about being honest online, in terms of making these videos as memories I want to remember the happy stuff more than the sad stuff@

IMG_8718But creativity – one New Years Resolution that I am actually sticking to is taking pictures for my blog posts and I thoroughly enjoy it. My photography unit at uni finished in January, but I really do love taking photos and it gives me a reason to go and carry on taking photos! I love keeping my content varied and photography is a good way to support this.

I find my adoration for being creative does become part of everything I do – recently, my fashion sense has become a lot more explorative (which involves a lot of returning clothes but still experimenting!). I managed to get through my first year without failing anything and I think this is because I try to make everything as individual as I can – obviously that’s not to say my classmates don’t, but I really take pride in my work because of my crippling anxiety about failing anything so I do put a lot of work into my assignments and consequently, I do take a creative approach to them.

IMG_8719Obviously it’s not always a good thing – sometimes I set too higher standards for myself but, on the other hand entirely, sometimes I have too many ideas floating around at once and I get disappointed that I can’t or just don’t get round to making them all, whether it be due to funds, time or just the drive to take on bigger projects.

Says the girl who is meant to edit the May vlog and hasn’t started yet… lol?

IMG_8720Part of the creative process for me is assuming that my ideas aren’t very good but being passionate enough about them to turn them into something good. My book was inspired my the movie ‘Zombieland’ and in it’s early stages it begun as a carbon copy of the film, which is obviously an awful thing to make because it’s not at all original, but it evolved the more I worked on it and now those that read it don’t see the resemblance to the film at all. I think that’s a good thing!

I consider blogging and vlogging and making things productive – it goes on my to do list and I go to the extent of calling it work but I really do love it and it matters to me that I do it and include it as part of my day. And it would be lovely if one day it was my work! But obviously you’ve got to be both very good and very lucky to catch a break like that.

Creativity is everywhere – everything can be inspiration and some people don’t see it but I do and I’m always looking for it. Embrace creativity!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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