the beginning of summer (and blogging every day in June!)



Summer is notoriously a time where, personally, I feel overwhelmingly more happy and just have a brighter outlook on everything.

Even though I finished uni at the end of April, nothing’s slowed down or given me more free time – I feel as busy as ever! I applied for a bunch of jobs and within three days I’d been to two job interviews and got two job offers which was definitely a bit of an ego boost! I started working at Paperchase a couple of weeks ago and I feel like I’m settling in really well. Also that I want to buy all the products I’m selling but I’ve so far resisted.

But summer signifies the end of an academic year – my friends are all starting to go home for the summer and whilst a couple of us are staying in Southampton over the summer, I’m having to say goodbye to the people I’ve been living with for nine months and to friends for four whole months after seeing them almost every day before we all come back to uni in September.

We made the most of the last of our time together by spending a lot of time in the sun and sitting in the park – the boys often play frisbee and with a ball and we play music and chat. It’s a really nice, casual way to spend the last of our time together.

Now, the weather isn’t as nice as it was and I can feel it in my mood, but after a weekend at MCM ComicCon and VidfestUK and a Busted concert (that I am going to blog about!) staying in for a couple of days watching the rain outside my window whilst sleeping and dozing off is wonderful. I do have work tomorrow though so going back to real life a little bit!

This is where the summer I had in mind really starts – mostly working but also making the most in not having uni by doing a lot of creative things. My friend Pete recently started reading my book and told me that he really enjoyed it so I really want to start rewriting ‘Type 3: Hyper-Intelligent’, so that’s one of my summer projects!

I also want to get back into making YouTube videos, I’ve planned 7 videos that I really need to sit down and make but I just haven’t done it yet. I’ve got colouring books and writing books and scrapbooks and so many things I want to do but I’m hoping that outside of work I’ll be doing creative things and going to the gym! (I’m determined to have lost some weight by my birthday!)

I’m also moving out of halls and into a studio flat with Lucas over the summer on July 1st which is very exciting (and hasn’t been confirmed yet, which is making me a little nervous). I’m looking forward to getting out of halls because it’s noisy and people steal my stuff from the kitchen and not many people do their washing up and the beds aren’t very nice but in 31 days we’ll be moving to the flat with the double bed and I’m very excited.

When we stayed in London for MCM we got a double bed in the hotel and it was glorious. I’ve not slept so well in so long. Though, in those 31 days I’m going away with my mum for a week, Lucas has got work experience at Glastonbury and then we’re moving so hopefully it won’t be too bad!

I have a few plans for the summer – I am going to Centre Parcs with my mum and sister in a couple of weeks, the week after I might be going home for a few days for my nan’s birthday depending on work and then I’m moving to the new flat then it’s mostly working for the rest of the summer! Lucas and I are hoping to get a weekend away in too but it depends on work and money mostly.

Essentially I’m fundraising for second year!

I do have a few monthly plans for this summer – I’m going to be blogging every day in June, doing an ab challenge in July and I’m thinking of something to do in August! I’m going to be using my Happiness Planner (another blog post I will write) to plan my summer (I bought the July-June one because the Jan-Dec one was sold out but also because I would have been a few months behind and that hurts my heart). 

Yes, mum, I did spend quite a bit of money on a notebook but it’s beautiful and I’m going to make it super colourful and pretty and it makes my organisational heart super happy.

It’s going to be a good summer and I wanted to make a post to announce my 30 days of blogging to try and get back into it a little bit. I’ll write again tomorrow!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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