Instagram Wrap-Up: March



My friend Aimee did an Instagram Wrap-Up in February and I’ve been posting quite often on Instagram this month (so if you don’t follow me, @SophieALuckett) so I thought I’d do the same thing!

This was my third dance comp with my university team and whilst we didn’t place very well, we got the best scores we’d got all season so we were super proud!

We quite often like to go to the pub with our friends and Lucas quite likes taking selfies – follow me on snapchat (also @SophieALuckett!) for very regular selfie updates!

I’ve never been a massive gamer – MarioKart is the extent of my gaming capabilities – but I really do love MarioKart and this Yoshi Fight Pad (Game Cube controller… thing) is gorgeous and I love it!

Lucas and I got really into cooking last month and I started Instagramming a lot of what I ate (as you’ll see!) but this garlic chicken and herbed potato cubes is one of our favourites!

Alongside going to the pub, our whole friendship group was craving a roast! So our amazing chef friend Nick (best friend infinite-ever, Instagram @nick1997poopy for pretty food photos!) cooked for us! I was in charge of dessert and made an ‘amazing’ apple crumble! Not my words I promise.

Sticking with the cooking theme, our spaghetti and meatballs with mozzarella garlic bread was one of our favourites – next step, learn to make our own meatballs!

Definitely one of my favourite dinners this month – garlic and herb salmon with cheesy mash! I love salmon, but it’s quite expensive! However we figured out the budget to treat ourselves and it was really good, definitely one we’re hoping to do again soon!

And unfortunately this is where the food posts conclude! After successfully getting up for a 9am lecture, I went to the library to work on my law assignment and feeling productive obviously includes taking a very studenty library picture right? Instagram is more important than studying, yeah?

And a few selfies from the first time I went home since Christmas! Mid-March and I was having my first trip home, the sun was shining, I felt cute, many selfies were taken, no shame was felt.

And the last dance comp rolls around! I hadn’t got any photos in my costume as of yet and I was determined to make sure I got one this time – I loved my jazz costume and I’m so proud of all the dance and cheer teams for the achievements!! Hopefully it won’t be my first and last year as a Raven and hopefully I’ll get back onto the jazz team next year, if it doesn’t get cut (fingers crossed)!

I took a lot of photos from that weekend at comp and the contents of my bag was one of them – got to love a good flatlay!

And here we have my second ever night out in my seven months so far at uni! It was actually a really good night and I really enjoyed it – so much so I’ve already got a couple more nights out planned! Also – my hair is now blue. More to follow.

But first more pictures from that night out with Lucas – there’s normally photographers floating around clubs (that sounds dodgy – they’re official photographers!) and the two photos I was in were actually really nice photos, but I love this boy a hell of a lot and, however soppy, I like sharing that.

Wonky eyeliner and blue hair – perfect excuse for a selfie! Right?

And last post of the month with my boy! The night before I uploaded this, I got a bit upset about friends from school and stuff going on, so I was lucky to have this one by my side.

I think that’s a total of 15 posts this month! Apparently I go through phases with where I make content – at first I made a lot of YouTube videos, then I blogged for a year, then I kept up the blogging fairly successfully and now I use Instagram a lot.

Which leads me on to why I made a post saying I was going to blog more then proceeded to not blog – I’ve got a lot going on right now, I’m taking on a lot at uni, there’s deadlines, socialising, trying to keep up with some sort of fitness and by the time I sit down at my computer, I don’t want to be doing anything as focused as writing a blog post – I want to mindlessly scroll through Facebook or play stupid childish games online. I’ve spent a lot of my time recently being very tired and I’m trying to fix it, but right now my blogging isn’t getting the attention it should and I’m really disappointed about that.

I still have ideas for blog posts – when the bombs went off on the metro in Brussels, I wanted to write a blog post about the horrible event and the actually pretty moving screencap I got from Twitter that day.

Because people always mock social media and online mediums but when the whole world can come together and support those in need, I think it’s truly beautiful.

But that story is no longer all that relevant so there’s not too much point in writing a blog post about it!

Similarly, I was going to write about Zendaya being confirmed in the new Spider-Man movies and how secretive the whole thing is that she’s not allowed to say who she’s playing or anything that’s happening, just that she’s in it as well as Spider-Man being announced in the Captain America: Civil War trailer! There’s a lot of exciting Spider-Man news right now and my love for Spider-Man is still as strong as it’s ever been… but that story isn’t relevant anymore either.

I have a post drafted about how I went to see my old dance school’s show and how weird it felt and I think I’m still going to write that one out, but I drafted it the night I saw the show and two weeks later here we are – I’ve still not written it!

So just rest assured – I’m as disappointed in myself for not blogging as anyone who checks my blog is that there were no posts. I really am working on uploading more regularly I promise!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post,

Sophie xx


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