Keeping Busy (and new blogging plan)!



It’s been a lot longer than I thought it had since I last blogged! Because blogging is something that I did so much last year and I was maintaining quite well, I didn’t realise that I hadn’t blogged since Channel 4 till I really thought about how long ago it was!

It’s been about three weeks which feels like a really long time! I’ve been non-stop working and doing stuff since I got back from Channel 4 really – that weekend I was in Birmingham for a dance comp and then I was thrown straight back into uni with a 9am lecture and doing stuff every day before going to London for a dance comp the following weekend (where we arrived and ran to the arena 8 minutes before we had to perform!) and then another week of uni and I started to get ill and then I got increasingly ill to the point where my boyfriend thought I had flu and I’m only just recovering now! 

It’s been a long few weeks but last night I sat and realised how long it had been and got a bit sad that I’d neglected this blog so much! I used to take such pride and love in blogging and at that low-point last night it felt like a lot of hard work and effort and I didn’t know if I wanted to do it anymore.

But then my boyfriend, Lucas (I wrote a blog post about him a while back if you want some context about him!), who I talk about fairly/very regularly, suggested that for every blog post I write, he’d make a vlog. He’s talked to me about vlogging for a really long time now and as well as inspiring me to blog it also gives him an incentive to start vlogging so it’s win-win! We pinky promised on it and everything.

Then when I had a spare moment at uni today and I actually started sorting out my blogging life and putting this together, I remembered that it wasn’t hard work at all and as soon as I started writing it became effortless!

I’m going to make an effort to read a lot more blogs than I do right now and I’m hoping that’ll inspire me with other topics I could talk about too!

When Lucas posts his first vlog I’ll be sure to post a link somewhere – it might even be a sneak preview into what happens in my monthly vlog too!

I’m getting all excited again and that’s always a good sign!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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