Leaving Channel 4 :(

Some of the Work Experience lot outside the Channel 4 offices!


Sorry this post is a bit late – by the time I got back on Friday it was kind of late and then the weekend was manic busy and my Monday was not a great day either so it’s been a little delayed, but here’s what happened on my last day at Channel 4!

Waking up next to Lucas definitely made getting ready for the day easier – I curled my hair and did my make-up and then made him get out of bed. He wondered around London sightseeing while I was at Channel 4 and we met up at the train station later that day.

When I arrived at Channel 4, we went and sat in ‘the drum’ which acted as a sort of waiting area for the cinema and the start of our day. We were all getting a bit sad at this point because we didn’t want to leave Channel 4 or each other but then we were escorted into the cinema and we all gave feedback on what we did with our weeks and what we’d learnt and gained from our work experience and it was so nice to hear from everyone and tell them what I’d achieved!

From there we had a talk with someone called Miles who records the bit between programs that’s a bit like “you’ve just been watching something, now here’s something else!” and it was really interesting and he was really funny.

From there we went to lunch (fish and chips!) and when we came back we had a talk in the afternoon about personal branding, goal setting, where we can go next and how to improve our our CVs and applications.

Whilst I didn’t want to leave and I was loving still being with everyone, I was really conscious that Lucas was just in London on his own and I felt guilty for leaving him so when we did finish, I left pretty swiftly. I walked to the underground, got to Waterloo which was manic busy and eventually found Lucas. Something was wrong with South West trains so the backlog meant it was really busy and trains were being reshuffled left, right and centre. I was really glad Lucas was there because alone I don’t think I’d have made it home.

But eventually we sat on the floor of a train carriage for about an hour and a half and we were back in Southampton!

From there the post gets less interesting because it’s not about Channel 4! I went to Asda to pick up some food for the dance competition I was leaving for at 6am the following day (I’m still so tired, so tired!) and then we went back to halls, ordered Pizza Hut, I had a shower, I packed for the weekend, I made a pasta thing to eat at the weekend and then I collapsed. Ready to wake up at 5am!

This week at Channel 4 was amazing – I was so lucky to work with such an incredible department, an amazing work experience team and at a brilliant company! Channel 4 have so many amazing schemes and opportunities that I sincerely recommend looking into it, I know I will be!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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