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It’s 11.46pm and I should probably go to bed but I just got back from seeing Deadpool at a screening at my university cinema (cheap films, it’s incredible) and I wanted to write a review because 1) omgitwassogoodiloveit and 2) the film doesn’t come out till Friday in America so there will be less review than if I reviewed it later this week.

Clickbait views, I’m not going to deny it.

Just because I’m not a massive movie goer and I don’t know too much about reviewing films (I just want to review it for fun!) so I’ve made a few notes about aspects of the film I want to talk about and it looks like this.

script – comedy
ryan reynolds
ryan reynolds
4th wall
ryan fucking reynolds

I figure the film is an 18 so some swearing is okay. Sorry nan.

The script is always something I notice about a film – words are my strength and I’ve wanted to learn about scriptwriting for five or six years now, so noticing the way words are used in film (or anywhere really) is something I do. The script is incredible for this movie and the execution of said script is flawless – Reynolds is a phenomenal Deadpool and he has such brilliance and comedic timing that this Marvel superhero movie was more laugh-out-loud funny than any comedy I’ve seen recently. I’ve not laughed so much at a film in a long time.

The action in this film is a given – it’s a superhero movie about a character who’s costume includes two giant swords and a variety of guns. As an 18 rated film, I expected a fair amount of gore and as someone who isn’t a massive fan of gore I thought it was very tastefully done! In some ways it was more realistic than most other superhero movies because the deaths and fighting were more realistic than most fighting and death scenes are in lower rated films and whilst some of it made my stomach turn a little bit, it was appropriate and not done in excess.

Ryan Reynolds. He is a god man walking among mere mortals. And letting is witness his amazing ass. As shown in the movie poster.

On a more serious note – the cast was incredible. They all seemed as invested in the film and the characters as Reynolds was in Deadpool and it showed – they created a film they cared about and loved and it was as amazing and as realistic as a superhero film should and could be.

The music is another aspect of films (or anything really) that I notice quite primarily because it’s a passion of mine and I adore it. The music was very fitting for each moment of the film – there were moments of orchestral tracks and many instances where modern music was used (not that orchestral tracks aren’t modern, but I mean with lyrics and stuff y’know?) and they balanced perfectly. It was emphatic of the mood and reflected the scene, it made the audience laugh and made certain moments more poignant and it was all beautifully composed and performed. It’s definitely a soundtrack I’ll be listening to at some point!

With a character like Deadpool, fans that are familiar with him know that a big part of his character is his bodily deformation (not a spoiler – I knew very little about Deadpool before I saw the film but I knew they he had an… interesting look) but the way they made Reynolds up to create Mr Pool’s character was faultless. Obviously someone who’s into media make-up would probably tell me there were faults but as someone who is just a normal movie viewing, it was faultless! The make-up department on this film deserve a lot of credit because they did a really good job.

This aspect doesn’t really fit in to a more ‘analytical’ review, but I wanted to mention it. I loved the use of the fourth wall – I love that it included the audience without being a patronising children’s show, it was used to a very successful comedic effect and a whole 16 walls were broken in this film.


And lastly, a very important and vital point to this review: Ryan fucking Reynolds.

Deadpool is a fantastic film for anyone who’s a fan of the Marvel franchise and it’s particularly recommend it for fan of The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men franchises because it gives me the vibes of those two films.

100% recommend this film – it’s funny, action-packed and beautifully shot.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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*no walls were harmed in the making of this movie**

**to my knowledge

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