One Name, Many People



Since coming back to university, my timetable has changed a bit – I’m studying three new units and some of my classes have been changed.

I’m still taking part in Shorthand but instead of doing a one hour session with half my course like I did last semester, we have a two hour session with the entire course.

The only issue is (other than the fact shorthand is a bit tedious!) that there are three people on my course with my name – there’s three of us and when we were separated into classes, the other two are in a different class. It’s the first time this year I’ve experienced being called ‘Sophie L’ and responding whenever my tutor said ‘Sophie S’ or ‘Sophie W’ (it’s a very confusing system).

But it’s not the first time I’ve had to deal with this – when I was in primary school, I was the only Sophie in my year and I never had to worry about responding to anyone else’s name. So when I hit secondary school and there were five Sophie’s in my year and about thirty of us in the school, I heard my name left, right and centre and it was rarely in reference to me.

By the time I hit A Level, there was another Sophie in my lit class, another Sophie in my chemistry class, and maths and English language were my little breaks from having to decide whether I had to respond to my own name. 

‘Sophie’ has consistently been on the top 10 most popular girls name list – it hit a low in the early 60s being around 800th in popularity but it’s been on the up ever since and now remains in the top 10. I thought it would go out of fashion eventually but basically everyone I know knows someone called Sophie – they’ve got a friend or a sister or a family friend, it’s a very popular name!

I know people that complain when you can get things with your name on – key rings, hair brushes etc – that their name is never there because it’s an unusual or unpopular name. I have the opposite problem – they make things with my name on but there are so many people with my name that they normally don’t have any left!

Names are a funny thing and I find their origins and why people have their names very interesting, but if the popularity of ‘Sophie’ could decrease I think that would make me very happy!

A discussion in the comments about names and their popularity would be really fun so let’s talk about names!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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