My Opinion on Bags (also #ootd)



Today I wanted to talk about bags, handbags and, more specifically, my relationship with them! I’m not one of those girls who is obsessed with handbags and lusts over all those big names (like my mum) but like I say about fashion and music – I am interested in them!

I don’t often buy bags – most of the bags I have are material ‘sacks’ (as I call them), that you can just throw everything in and eventually, if you dig really hard, you can find your purse. That’s my kind of bag!

I don’t often buy bags – I bought a tiny little handbag in Ecuador that says ‘Galapagos’ on it and it only just fits my purse, keys and camera (on a good day) and I use it any day that I don’t take a bigger bag into uni or town.

But I was in Paperchase what feels like months ago now (probably was months!) and I saw the gorgeous back pack featured in the header – but it was £30! And I’m a student! That didn’t stop me looking at it longingly every time I went into Paperchase.

When Christmas rolls around and my mum gives me a bit of money designated specifically to be spent on myself and told me that I was craving a ‘cheap’ bag (in her standards, it is cheap!) so I treated myself. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s such a beautiful bag.

It arrived today and Lucas just laughed at me and said ‘you really love that bag, don’t you?’ and I really do! The design and pattern make it look more feminine, a back pack is so much easier than handbags I see other girls using and it’s better for my back and shoulders! Though I might need to take a rain check on not sounding like an old lady – my hips started aching after walking to the docks for a photo shoot today, not good!

This outfit consists of the same pinafore dress I talked about in my last #ootd post (I’m obsessed), a maroon jumper from Primark that is so comfortable I own it in three colours, tights and my galaxy converse (my post-Christmas present to myself two years ago!).

Again, thank you to Lucas for taking the photos – however reluctantly! But he did stand in the cold posing with a guitar for a very long time today being my model for my location shoot as part of my photography assignment, for which I’m very grateful!

Southampton sunset (iPhone photo)

Tonight I’m in Lucas’s home town, currently sitting in the corner of a Waterstone’s cafe ‘doing my assignment work’ (blogging) whilst he plays Magic The Gathering – for those of you who don’t know (or are fortunate enough not to! Sorry Lucas), Magic is a complicated card game that can be associated with Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer for the level of nerd. But the nerds here are very nice, sociable nerds! They’re trying to convince me to learn to play and I’m considering it – but I’m yet to be sure!

At this time of year, with Christmas money and sales around, there are a lot of purchases that are very tempting! Before Christmas, an advert popped up on my Facebook offering ‘free’ Doctor Who pillows, ‘just pay delivery’ – if you wanted more than one, the delivery was extortionate but for just one it was reasonable, if you thought of it as the price of the pillow and delivery.

The Tenth Doctor now lives on my bed. Now you know who my favourite Doctor is.

There are two items that I’m very indecisive about making though – I can only have one, but I can either have this beautiful pair of over-ear noise cancelling headphones with copper detailing (so pretty) (and have dropped in price since I added them to my wish list!) or this adorable Yoshi special edition 3DS XL – very different products!

Here are my thoughts – I usually use in-ear headphones but I end up turning them up so load to block out external noise that it’s destroying my hearing and I want a good pair of noise cancelling headphones but, (big but) I’ve always used in-ear headphones. I might not like head phones that much and I don’t want to spend so much money on something I don’t know if I’m going to like! However with the 3DS – I love MarioKart and I want to get into more Mario games and Pokemon games and whilst I do go through phases with devices like that, it would be well used in the long run. But it’s currently out of stock. Difficult decisions.

Any advice in the comments would be much appreciated!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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