New boohoo Clothes! (#ootd)



Today is the ‘last day’ before uni starts (for all of my friends, I don’t start again till the 25th!) and so today someone was in the residence office at long last to give us the parcels that arrived while we were away.

So I got to pick up my boohoo order at long last! I know I bought clothes from them quite recently but I really love their clothes and these two items I’ve been wanting for literally months. And as I said I’d be blogging more about beauty and clothes and things this year (and I adored this outfit) I thought I’d do a little #ootd post!

The t-shirt is from Primark – it’s got Mickey outlines and doodles all over the shirt and an embroidered Mickey Mouse on the left breast – it’s a simple t-shirt with rolled sleeves and it’s very comfortable. I buy a lot of my clothes from Primark because they’re good quality, cheap clothes – makes for a happy Sophie!

Next is the Pinafore which doesn’t picture very well here because it’s quite dark in halls and if I’d thought about taking these photos more before writing the post then I’d have gone out for proper pictures so I thought I’d add the photo from the website too.

This is the Alex Cross Back Pinafore Dress from boohoo – I’ve been searching for a skater skirt pinafore dress for so long and I was so pleased to find this one! It’s a comfortable jersey material, it’s a suitable length and it’s really flattering on my figure. I can wear it casually with a t-shirt like I did today but I could probably make it more formal with a shirt if I wanted to. I love this dress so much and it’s so reasonably priced – can’t argue with that!

And to complete the outfit I bought what are now my favourite boots in the world – my sister has boots very similar to this that I adore and I’ve been trying to find my own version for a year at least.

These are the Amy Double Buckle Platform Boots again from boohoo – they’re slightly more pricy than some of the other items I’ve bought but I love them so much they were worth every penny. I love the double buckle on the back and I love the heal – they were super comfortable to walk in too. We went for a few drinks with friends tonight and I walked all the way there and back with no issue and it was the first time wearing them out of the box – I’d opened them only half an hour before. I’m very happy with these boots!

My make-up is very simple everyday make-up – basic pink shimmer eyeshadow from the Salvation palette from Revolution (that my sister got me for Christmas) with eyeliner and mascara. I did my brows with this kit from Collection – very basic high street kit but I use a combination of the medium and light shades to shape my brows and make them slightly more visible than they are normally.

Lastly I used the Revlon Balm Stain on my lips in the shade ‘romantic’ which does literally nothing to describe the colour – it’s a bright red, borderline on the orange-y side. Personally I find the colour is not very bold but if you’re looking for a more subtle, day to day red lip I prefer it – I like to save the darker lips for a special occasion.

I’m very lucky in that I don’t use any skin make-up – I’m too pale for most foundations anyway!

I have to thank my wonderful photographer Lucas for taking the header photo for me and helping me in my New Years resolution to take my own header photos (the mirror was too short to take a photo in these heels). Maybe if I plan these outfit posts in advance I could go out on location and maybe get him to take some photos for me… maybe I’ll show him some other bloggers photos to give him an idea of what I want. Thank you Lucas!

I really liked this outfit and I’ll definitely be wearing it again soon!

So how did I do? This isn’t me saying ‘look at me! I’m a beauty blogger! Follow me I’m Zoella!’, I just like clothes and make-up on a more basic level so I like to share! And then I included all the links partially because I was googling the names of the products I used but partially in case you, the reader, are interested in the things I put on my face.

Is this beauty blogging? I think I like it!

Thank you for reading (some feedback would be lovely),

Sophie xx

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