Page 365 of 365: Goodbye 2015!



Welcome to the last post, the last day of 2015! Writing ‘Page 365 of 365’ felt just as satisfactory as I imagined it would and I couldn’t be happier nor more proud to be able to write it!

When I started this project I never envisioned I’d finish it – I knew I was too stubborn to stop but I never, ever thought I’d finish it. If we’re being technical, I haven’t actually blogged ‘every day’ this year – some days I forgot and posted past midnight, when I went to Ecuador for 4 weeks I pre-wrote posts alongside writing new ones (I wrote about 50 blog posts in approximately three weeks, it was an achievement for sure!) but I posted the equivalent to a post every day this year.

In that time I’ve made friends who blog, I’ve talked to people on tumblr who’ve been inspired to blog by my posts and I’ve helped friends and family start their own blogs (my mum’s thinking of starting a blog and I really hope she does!) – I’ve found a real love for blogging in that I now run a uni blog alongside this one (I’ve definitely updated it recently I promise) and I blog for UCAS! I’m hoping to take on more blogs next year because I love blogging and I think I may just have found something I’m really good at as well!

I love blogging – I’m looking to broaden what I blog about next year to perhaps talk about health and beauty, I want to write more music reviews not necessarily of ‘new’ releases but of any music I find, I want to watch films more analytically and write about those, I want to write more about my day to day life and I’d love to do more travel blogging and with a few trips planned both within England and abroad which should make for both interesting photography and writing.

Another aim that I talked about a few days ago is that I’m going to take more photos – I want to take the header photos and internal photos for my blog posts. Obviously album artwork and film posters etc I won’t have to take photos of myself but watching Hannah Maggs (brilliant blogger and vlogger, I’m a big fan of the Michelaks!) talk about flat lays and the effort she puts into her instagram has really inspired me to put more effort into my blog.

I’m hoping the quality of this blog will improve ten fold next year – I’m hoping to still post three or four times a week but because I’ve blogged so much this year, I always have ideas for blog posts. I’ll do something and think ‘I can write about that’ or I’ll see something and think ‘I can definitely include that on my blog somewhere!’ – so not forcing myself to think of something to write about every day might even make me feel more creative, because it’s not compulsory!

This year has been such a brilliant year to blog – I finished school, went on a massive expedition to South America, went to my first YouTube convention, turned 19, moved out (very big one!), started university, met some absolutely incredible people, met a boy who loves me as much as I love him and I’m on a course that I love and will hopefully get me into a job that I never thought I was capable of doing! Obviously the year has had ups and downs – I still struggle with anxiety and depression but I think I’m getting better at handling it. In this year I’ve got rid of some people that made me feel more miserable than I ever thought I was capable of feeling and I’ve replaced them with people that make me feel loved and wanted in a way I’m not used to – I have the best friends I ever could have imagined. I’m so much happier now than I was in the last days of 2014 and even the middle days of 2015.

I never imagined I’d be spending New Years with my boyfriend and his family in a place I’ve never been to before and talking to him about how we’ll be spending the summer and next Christmas – I don’t know if Lucas reads this blog, but he knows I love him a lot.

I wanted to say a few ‘thank you’s because this year has been brilliant and tough and I never would have made it without them – my family (obviously); my mum always encouraged me and helped me come up with ideas for my blog, my sister often helped me take photos of new hair or tattoos and my dad doesn’t really understand but he’s supportive none the less – they’re all incredible people and I’m so lucky to have such a strong relationship with them.

Next I want to thank my friends – my friends from home that stuck with me past the end of school (I love the Gig Crew with all my heart), Jenny who’s starting to live her own dream and I couldn’t be more proud of, and my new friends from Southampton – the Squad, for MarioKart nights and Doctor Who (I’ve written posts about Nick, Nikki and Lucas if you want more about them) and my wonderful friends on my course – James and Aimee who always work with me in photography and audio and make news days far more entertaining, alongside everyone else I’m studying with and living with in my halls – I have a lot of love for a lot of people in Southampton.

Then to the people I don’t know – Sprinkle of Glitter, Louise has always been my inspiration to start blogging. Her tweet at the end of 2014 saying she only made 90 odd blog posts in the previous year and was really disappointed was a massive motivator in getting me to start this project. Other bloggers I’ve started reading like Hannah Maggs, Anna Saccone, Zoella, and many others who’ve all given me post ideas or just helped me want to carry on. Thank you to all the people who will never know they helped me completely a project of 365 posts!

Lastly, another tiny little thank you to Lucas because he always reminds me to blog and that one day I was incapable of blogging he blogged for me just so I wouldn’t miss a day. It was very cute. I love you. I still don’t think he’ll read this.

Thank you for reading and thank you for 2015 – here’s to 2016! I love you all,

Sophie xx

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