Page 364 of 365: Back with Lucas (penultimate day!)



On the penultimate day of the year (and this project), you’d think I’d be more inspired to blog but here we are at 11.28pm and I’m really struggling to think of anything, but it’s been a pretty long couple of days so I thought I could perhaps write about that!

The plan over the Christmas holidays was that Lucas would come stay with me until I got my hair cut so he could see it and then we’d meet up in Southampton again a week later so we could drop things off and go back to his family’s until uni starts again (for him, I have a few extra weeks off!).

He left last Wednesday, we both struggled with being apart way more than either of us anticipated and the plan was for me to get an early train down today (and by ‘early train’ I mean get on a variety of trains from 9 till about 1), sort everything out in Southampton and get a train back up to Lucas’s with him mid afternoon. But with how stressed I’ve been recently and how nervous I was about travelling with such a heavy suitcase on my own, I didn’t much like that plan.

Lucas suggested that maybe I come back on the Tuesday night, we spend the night in Southampton and take a more leisurely train up to his and everything would be so much more chilled.

He did give me this idea in the early hours of Tuesday morning and somehow it happened. To both of our parents distaste (sorry mum) but I’m so, so glad I came back early.

I never thought seeing someone could make me so happy but I’ve never felt happier than when I got to see that boy again – I was literally jumping up and down with uncontainable joy. We ordered food (I ordered two meals because I’d barely eaten all day and I’d waited till he got back at gone 9 to eat) and just had a really chilled, early night together and it was so nice. It was so lovely to have my boy back.

I’m not someone who is normally this soppy – that boy has changed me but I think it’s for the better. 

This morning we woke up very leisurely, showered, packed and then got on a very empty train to where Lucas lives, spending the afternoon with his mum and brother before going out in the pouring rain (we were soaked through when we got back, I couldn’t feel my fingers!) for take-out and then we watched Avengers: Age of Ultron and I let it get later and later before I blogged.

I have the next two day’s of blog posts planned (I’ve had January 1st’s post planned since I started the project!) and I’m so excited to actually finish this project – not because I don’t love blogging but because I can’t wait to feel that surge of pride when I get to write ‘365 of 365’.

365 is a big number. Three hundred and sixty five blog posts. So many.

Thank you for reading and supporting this project,

Sophie xx

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