Page 363 of 365: Taking Selfies!



Small change of plans – I came back to Southampton a day early! I wanted to give myself more time and less stress and it worked so well because my suitcase was so heavy and it took about four hours to get back but it was quiet and so much nicer than travelling at 9am tomorrow. 

Today I want to talk about selfies – I am to some degree obsessed with selfies, my camera roll is full of mostly my own face (also pictures of Lucas and his cousin that he sent me over Christmas) because when I feel good about my face or I’m happy or sad or somewhere new or basically any opportunity I like to capture it with a photo! 

I think I made a post in the summer about how selfies can be really good for your self esteem because I started posting selfies for a really short amount of time on my snapchat story and it made me more comfortable with my own face, I guess!

I love taking selfies, apparently I only have one selfie face and I’m so obsessed with my new hair (that isn’t so new anymore) that I just can’t stop taking pictures of it. 

But I do love my hair a lot. 

I think selfies can actually be healthy for your self esteem – maybe that sounds like a stupid claim, but I know I feel way more confident in myself and my looks in the last year that I’ve started taking more photos of myself. 

Please leave your thoughts in the comments – I’d love to start a discussion!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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