Page 362 of 365: December 28th



I definitely didn’t completely forget to blog but I’ve had a kind of lethargic day and haven’t done anything too exciting!

I got up, got dressed and ready to go out and packed up everything to go to my mum’s tonight before the whole family went to the cinema to see Spectre – I was going to write a review of the James Bond film but I don’t know enough about the franchise and I’m about two months late with the hype as it’s not really as relevant now (though I thought that film was great, except too long!).

After the cinema we were going to go to Frankie and Bennie’s but it was full so we went to McDonalds and enjoyed it just as much! Sometimes a McDonalds is exactly what you need and we had a proper debrief of the film and a good family chat – it was quite nice, we were all too tired for a full on sit down meal I think.

Then we went back to Dad’s, I gathered up all my stuff and came back to mums and then I put some new CDs on my iPod, wrapped the last of Lucas’s presents for when I go back to Southampton in two days (it just hit midnight, sorry I’m late!) and sat down with mum and Laura to watch a bit of catch up TV – big of Dragons Den and Pointless!

Then we lounged around watching TV – I set up this blog post and forgot to write it, browsed the ‘not on the high street’ website that I’ve never seen before but loved and then remembered at 5 to midnight that I hadn’t blogged!

I’ll be honest, I’m disappointed that I missed a deadline so close to the end of the project but in all honesty – I missed a day entirely in April, there’s been a few nights where it’s been the early hours of the next day and when I was pre-writing for Ecuador, technically I didn’t write a blog post every day so it’s not like this project is ‘Guinness World Record Book’ proof anyway. Disappointed none the less – hopefully in the remaining three days I can be on time!

I’m looking forward to writing my first post of 2016, though I’m also looking forward to blogging because I’m inspired to, not because I have to.

Thank you for reading (sorry again),

Sophie xx

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