Page 360 of 365: Thinking about New Years



Imagine the photo in the header photo says 2016… and pretend I’m organised enough to take these photos myself.

Maybe that should be my first New Years resolution – take all my own photos for my blog! Or get photos taken off me – I do want to do more ‘outfit of the day’ and clothing/fashion/beauty posts next year.

I’ve been thinking about 2016 a lot and the kind of person I’d like to be next year (more organised is one of them, but I can’t envision that one going very well).

I want to write a more official ‘resolutions’ post on January 1st, where I round off this project and talk about my projects for next year (because obviously the stress of blogging every day hasn’t put me off taking on project that are way too big for me!) but I have been thinking a lot about the changes I’d like to make next year.

I don’t know why but since being home I’ve been wearing more make-up and it’s made me realise how much I do enjoy putting on make-up and doing what looks good. Following that – I’d like to blog more about it, make posts for other novices like me that really have no idea what they’re doing! Same applies to clothes.

Fitness is another thing I want to work on next year alongside my general health – cooking more, eating more vegetables, starting running and continuing running to the degree that I perhaps enjoy it and use it as a stress relieving technique, because I think it will help.

I want to spend more time on photography too – taking all the photos for my blog posts is a good start because blogging every day, especially since I start uni, means I think of a lot more to blog about and finding the photos to take myself will help with my course as much as my own photography skills!

This has turned into more of a resolutions post than I’d like but I have been thinking about it a lot and I’ll go into more detail next week when I write everything up properly!

The end of the year is normally I time where I become very sentimental because I don’t like change and letting another year pass can be quite difficult for me but this year I am excited – this year has flown by and blogging has been one of the best things I’ve done this year!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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