Page 358 of 365: Christmas Eve!



Christmas Eve is the prequel to one of the most exciting days of the year (to me at least!) – Christmas is a day of many traditions and family occasions but for my family, Christmas Eve is as traditional as Christmas itself!

Today was slightly different – I woke up at a reasonable hour and then stayed in bed until midday and found the motivation to go for a shower. I then tidied the room I was staying in, repacked everything I’d brought from Southampton and moved to another room in my dad’s house, starting sorting through my belongings for when he moves and sat and watched YouTube until my mum and sister arrived.

That’s when it got slightly more traditional – my sister and I started putting presents under the tree (including this ominously labelled one!).

The tree now looks very full of presents and the first present has been opened as I bought a DVD Collection of ‘Nativity’ for Christmas Eve viewing but instead we watched an old episode of Pointless with dinner (Shepherd’s Pie that’s actually Cottage Pie but we always have it on Christmas Eve). My sister then went for a bath whilst mum and I prepared the vegetables for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner of seven people – a fairly small Christmas for us!

After (not) Shepherd’s Pie and vegetable prep, we all sat back in the lounge and put Arthur Christmas on. That’s a more recent tradition but every year we find something new about that film that we love and I imagine we’ll continue to watch it for years to come.

The last part of Christmas Eve tradition came when my sister said ‘is it too early to go to bed?’ and my mum replied ‘well you’ve not put your stocking out yet’.

We may be 18 and 19 but we’re still going to start tomorrow with a few presents from Santa. We have drawn the line at putting out milk and cookies.

I love Christmas and I’m excited, if I’m honest, for tomorrow to be a really calm day off rather than the manic present opening that childhood Christmas’s have consisted of. Well, I say that now…

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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