Page 357 of 365: Missing Southampton



Today has been a long day – Lucas packed everything up this morning and my dad drove us to the train station for him to start the awfully long journey home.

From there I was going to treat myself to a browse round Hobbycraft but my dad and I discovered the Hobbycraft has closed down so we came home. I went to my sister’s and she painted my nails (with glitter and music notes! They’re so cute) before we went for lunch and I tried to buy another lip ring that was smaller than the one I got yesterday. I still can’t get the ball out to put it in but I’ll fight with it again tonight.

And by fight I mean gently put it in the hole in my face. Piercing’s sound gross when you describe them like that. 

Laura then dyed my hair for me but when I got back to dad’s I had a nap so I still don’t really know what my hair looks like but I can’t imagine it’s drastically different otherwise dad will have said something!

What I spent most of this afternoon realising, however, before napping I felt very lonely – which is silly because I’m home with my family and I’ve spent every day since I got home meeting up with people and seeing old friends but as I sat on the bed I’d last sat on with Lucas (bearing in mind since moving into Southampton back in September, I’ve gone one day without seeing him face to face!) I realised I missed my Southampton family being next door.

The perks of living in halls is that your best friends are next door or down the hall or just upstairs – I miss being able to wonder into the kitchen for a chat with someone or quick message to a group chat and MarioKart. I actually miss MarioKart if I’m being honest.

I’m really excited for Christmas, it’ll be nice to see family and have Christmas dinner without having to do the washing up (cue Mum rolling her eyes) and presents, both giving and receiving because I keep telling my sister her present might make her cry.

But I do miss having my little family around all the time – you don’t write communal blog posts about people and just ‘go back’ to normal home life (Meet Lucas, Nikki and Nick – the Squad!).

Going back in the New Year is going to be so lovely!

In other, happier, news – my hairdresser posted the before and after photo of my hair and I wanted to share it! It really shows the drastic change my hair took!

Credit: Kudos Hair on Facebook

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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