Page 356 of 365: Short Hair!



Today’s the day! I got my hair cut after months of deliberating over it and I’m so happy – I love it! I thought it would take a really long time to get used to but I catch my reflection in a mirror or a window and I’m so happy.

My hairdresser is an amazing woman, Mariah knows my hair better than I do and she knows exactly what will look good on my hair. I think I was one of her first clients and I’ve seen her blossom into this phenomenal hairdresser and I know I definitely won’t find a salon in Southampton that will have someone who knows and cares about my hair as much as Mariah does.

I love going to the hairdressers – my hair is always nicest when they wash it and it’s always styled so, so beautifully. It’s soft and curly and short and I’m so in love.

At least three of the other hairdressers at the salon were shocked I was getting my hair cut off – I’ve been going there for seven or eight years now and everyone there knows me and my family so well that I’d almost say they were family friends, though they probably think I’m just a client that disappeared for three months without telling them I’d gone to uni!

I was so worried that my hair would make me look like a childish pre-tween with a chubby face but many people have told me that I look great and my sister said I look like my mum and when you have a mum as beautiful as mine, that’s quite the compliment.

This is a photo taken at Christmas in 2014 as a present for my dad and if it doesn’t show of just how beautiful my mum is, I don’t know what will!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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