Page 355 of 365: Last Day of Long Hair!



Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut to my shoulders which is the shortest I’ve had it since I was 9 and I’m both excited and really nervous. I’m excited to not have long hair to manage and style but I’m really nervous that short hair isn’t going to suit me and I’ll look stupid.

I know I’ve blogged fairly regularly about my hair – about whether I should cut it short, whether I should dye it blue or get more highlights – but I love my hair a lot and I like getting other peoples opinions on what they think would suit me! 

I’ve wanted really long hair for a very long time – I always told people I wanted ‘Zoella long’ hair but then she got her hair cut – and I bought product after product to try and make it grow but it just won’t get any longer. So I’m not going to get the long hair I really desire, so why not experiment with it?

I really started seriously considering cutting my hair short when Dodie Clark cut her hair short – I think she looks absolutely stunning and she looks more grown up, I think. Whenever I go back to watch her old videos and listen to her old songs I think she looks so much younger with long hair. She looks like a confident, beautiful young lady with her short hair. Also very sassy.

Just look at that hair. I really hope mine doesn’t look like an afro-mess when it’s cut.

I don’t know if you can tell but Dodie encompasses everything I want to be in style – I love how she dresses and how she does her hair. I’m trying not to sound like a crazed fangirl, let’s just say I’d love to go shopping with that girl.

So I am nervous – my hair’s so light and curly that it’s very likely that it might just become a horrific afro but I’m not going to change my mind now. Next time I blog I’ll have shoulder length hair (unless my hairdresser tells me I’ll look stupid!).

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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