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I was hoping to go on three incredible international trips next year with uni to New York, Paris and Budapest. But all three of these trips have been undersubscribed and consequently cancelled. I’ve always planned to go travelling next summer however the money I save on these trips being cancelled means I’ll definitely be going travelling in the summer.

Anyone who’s followed this blog for a while will know I’m obsessed with travelling – I went on an expedition to Ecuador over the summer, I was in Tanzania two years ago; I’m desperate to travel the world and see the beauty and adventure it possesses.

My main barrier is money – university is a busy, busy time and getting a job on top of how stressed I am now is definitely a challenge I’m going to have to face and overcome in the new year but it’s one I’m facing with the incentive and determination to go travelling in the summer months and I’m hoping that will get me through next years units.

Lucas and I are hoping to go travelling together, however he’s never been out of the country so I don’t want to take him gallivanting all over the world if he discovers he hates it. But we’re both interested in Greek history and the proposal of going on holiday to Greece was one we agreed would be a good start – when we had a quick look on a travel website he suggested putting in the provisional date of only a week after we finish uni so I know he’s as enthusiastic as I am!

So I’m thinking a week in Greece, perhaps a week or two at home, maybe exploring our own country and visiting family and friends around the UK and then hopefully, we’d like to go to Shanghai, China. My uncle lives over there and our friend Nick (‘Meet Nick‘, if you’d like to know more about Nick!) lives over there too so we could go over there for a fairly cheap trip (in regards to accommodation, not flights, Jesus Christ they’re expensive!). It would be so interesting to see the same city from two different perspectives and China is so culturally different to what we’re used to, it would be so interesting. At 6’6″, it’s likely Lucas would be a spectacle and people would want pictures with him.

It would be hilarious.

I’m excited to travel next year. Any money making tips would be much appreciated!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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