Page 347 of 365: Wrapping Presents!



Today’s been a very lazy day because we’ve had a few very late nights – I got out of bed, watched some Doctor Who and then spent a couple of hours wrapping presents.

This has really been the first year where I’ve been completely responsible for buying my own presents for everyone in my family and I’ve been all ready for a couple of weeks now – I’m only waiting on a couple more presents but I’ve been looking forward to using my pretty wrapping paper and the nice little wrapping sets I bought from Paperchase since I bought them on Tuesday.

(They’re really pretty and they made my presents look beautiful)

I’ve found the best way to get presents is to start looking early and not force it – not look specifically, just to browse until something screams at you. I love finding something so perfect for someone that they didn’t know they wanted it – I’ve found something for Lucas’s birthday that he’s going to love so much and I’ll be the best girlfriend in the entire world and I can’t wait to tell him but I’m proud of every present I’ve bought this year and the thought that I’ve put into it.

Here are some pretty pictures of the photos I took and I’m going to put up a video time lapse of my present wrapping on my main YouTube channel tonight!

(Vlogmas Day 13 on my second channel is post-wrapping, if you just can’t get enough!)

Nice pile of presents!

Trying to be artsy fartsy with my pile of presents!

Nice bow, right?

Nick’s present!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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