Page 346 of 365: Doctor Who and Friends



Today has been a better day – I’ve slept, I’ve recuperated and I rewarded myself with post-deadline take-out pizza so I’m a much happier girl.

That and I’ve had raspberry sorbet vodka and it’s really good, so I’m happier.

Lucas and I went into town to do some last minute Christmas shopping, we had a late lunch in town and then we played MarioKart and Super Smash Brothers until we ordered pizza and started watching Doctor Who (we’re on our fourth episode tonight and it’s 11.30, we won’t be stopping any time soon).

Nights like these always help me calm down and feel relaxed – I’m surrounded by people I love a lot and make me feel at ease, watching a show I love having no other expectations of me – no more deadlines for about a month!

And it’s a month to the day till I see Panic! At The Disco live and in person and scream involuntarily at Brendon Urie because he is a beautiful, beautiful man.

Some people would say I shouldn’t say things like that because I have a boyfriend but my boyfriend says the same things about Brendon Urie, so we’re on the same page.

Tomorrow I’m going to allow myself to have another day off – I treated myself to a nice fountain pen today and I’m going to use a notebook my friend Katy bought me for my birthday to start rewriting my book. It’s going to be lovely and I’m excited.

Next week is going to be much more chilled than this week and then I’m home for Christmas – I’m so ready to go home. I’m going to start wrapping presents tomorrow as well, I’m excited about everything.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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