Page 344 of 365: Early Morning Productivity



I wouldn’t say today is a ‘better’ day, but I’m definitely more productive as it’s 9.22am not 11.48pm when I’m writing this post.

Last night after writing, I was with my boyfriend (Lucas, I wrote a blog post about him – people keep telling me it’s very cute) and he was talking about how he was going to get up early and go for breakfast at the Docks (the canteen at uni) and write up notes for a test he has in his 10am seminar. 

I said to him the only way I’d be up at that time, to rehearse my radio script and do something productive with my day was if I stayed the night with him and he woke me up. His plan was to get up at 8, have some time to work at home and then go into the Docks at 9.

He woke me up at 8.45, I wobbled back to my room to get dressed and then lost my phone (it was in his room) and then we were downstairs by 9 (I was both surprised and impressed).

So here I am at 9.33am writing today’s blog post, planning tomorrow’s blog post, writing a uni blog post (two days late), recording today’s Vlogmas video (if I’m brave enough to talk into my phone in public) and trying to rehearse my script for an assessment that is worth 50% of my unit.

After all that I’ll work on the news feature that’s due in tomorrow that’s worth 80% of another unit. I’d forgotten it was worth 80% until I wrote that just then. I’m shaking a little bit now.

The long and short of it is I’m still very stressed out, but I’m hoping to get my feature submitted tonight so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow and tomorrow I can eat the remainder of the cake Lucas bought me on Monday (it was really great, still as at present) and maybe even treat myself to ordering pizza. 

I order too much Domino’s but it’s really good, it makes two meals and I have a tiny bit of spare money right now and I deserve it – I’m very stressed.

And next week we bring on new stresses, yay?

At least this blog post is done before 10!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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