Page 343 of 365: Situation – No Motivation



Today has been a really long day – I was woken by a fire alarm at 7.46 this morning and then I proceeded to fall back to sleep until midday and stay in bed until 3.

Student days off are the best… 

I only motivated myself to get out of bed because I wanted to go to Paperchase and buy Christmas wrapping paper and cute ribbons and the last of my Christmas shopping – not because of the two deadlines I have on Thursday and Friday.

I’m awful, I know.

Today was one of those really difficult days – I really didn’t want to get out of bed, I got myself all upset because I haven’t started one of my assignments yet and I know I’ve left it too late and it’s not something I’m going to struggle with so I really should have done it by now and I’m getting anxious because I’ve got a live assessment tomorrow which is a little bit like a performance in a way. I have to read out a script I’ve written but without making it sound like a script and I have to sound enthusiastic and happy and upbeat when I’ve not been able to use those three words to describe myself in what feels like a very long time.

After this week everything should get easier, but I do still have impending photography deadlines and time seems to be a ticking sound ringing in my ears.

I get melodramatic when I’m stressed.

So that is what it’s 11.48pm and I’ve only just found a tiny spec of motivation to actually write this post. I’m sorry it’s a moany one – I’ll try to be funnier tomorrow with one deadline out of the way.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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