Page 342 of 365: Date Night #ootd



Tonight I’m going out with Lucas and I think we’re going to go get dinner and let’s just say my jeans are a bit tight right now and I wanted to wear something more comfortable. So when I was going through my wardrobe I thought, actually, I could make a blog post about this! 

For someone who isn’t very ‘fashionable’, as such, I really like clothes and putting outfits together so I thought I’d tell you about what I’m wearing tonight.

I’m wearing a short, 3/4 length sleeve from Boohoo (I saw it in a doddleoddle haul) that I love – it’s so comfortable but also can be made to look really smart – and I’m wearing it with a hoodie from my old dance school (Welland School of Dance represent! It’s got my name on the back so Lucas can’t lose me) and on top of that I’m wearing a maroon leather jacket I got from Dorothy Perkins about a year ago – I got it in Canterbury when I went there for a uni interview.

Sorry Canterbury… 

And I’m wearing this little get up with black tights and lace up boots I got from either Dorothy Perkins or New Look – I can’t remember, but it’s probably the latter. 

I thought the hoodie and the leather jacket were a bit more casual than the dress actually could be so I won’t look overdressed. His parents are going to be there so I want to look like someone who has their life together when in fact, I am not. 

I like writing posts like this – I can be girly sometimes I promise!

Thank you for reading,


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