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In my two year anniversary video that I put on YouTube on Tuesday (watch it here, if you like!) I said that I wouldn’t be doing Vlogmas because I don’t have time which I don’t.

For anyone that doesn’t know – Vlogmas is basically an advent calendar of YouTube; uploading a video every day up until Christmas day itself and then wondering what to do with the week till New Year because your December up till then has been nothing but filming and editing.

Most YouTuber’s Vlogmas’s (that is almost certainly grammatically incorrect) consist of them filming their day and editing it to put up the next day with the last video going up on Christmas day itself. Some people film, what I call, a proper sit down video to go up every day and when I did Vlogmas in 2013 at the beginning of my YouTube career, that’s what I did.

And I considered both of these before deciding I wasn’t going to do Vlogmas – I definitely don’t have time to film a ‘proper’, topical video every day and edit it alongside writing a blog post every day and updating other blogs and actually passing the units on my university course so I can actually get a degree.

It’s not too different with daily vlogging either – whilst my days aren’t really interesting enough to film every day (it would be a lot of the same) I still don’t have time to edit them.

So why am I doing Vlogmas? Well, it’s on my second channel so I’m not so worried about the content being as high standard and ‘good’ – I can just make whatever – and it’s not ‘daily vlogging’ as such. Rather than filming parts of my day, I just talk into my phone camera for a couple of minutes at what I hope is the most interesting point of my day and then upload it straight to YouTube from my phone with no editing. It’s easy, it’s forcing me to practise daily vlogging (which is something I want to do more of next year) and it makes me not worry about the standard of my content so much – for my main channel, I won’t make a video without putting make-up on or making sure the lighting and everything looks good but I don’t need to worry about that for my second channel and I’m actually really enjoying it!

So if you want to watch and follow my Vlogmas videos, I’ve made a playlist on my main channel and you can find my second channel from there – Vlogmas 2015

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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