Page 334 of 365: Boyfriend Meets Family



As I said yesterday, whilst Lucas and I were at home, we went to visit my nan. My nan is a wonderful woman – she reads all my blog posts and she has many Christmas traditions that she always upholds.

She has bought me and my sister a new Christmas decoration every year since she was born (I think) and this year was no different – I took my little deer with a Christmas wreath around his neck back to Southampton and hung him up with my tinsel and fairy lights.

But this year she bought us advent calendars as well – Marvel superhero ones because she knows I love Spider-Man! But when she brought them into the living room, she was carrying three of these Marvel advent calendars.

She gave one to Lucas.

She had met Lucas that very same day, sure I’ve told her about him because we’ve been friends since we moved in on day one back in September and I told her when we got together but she has welcomed him with open arms to our family and that just makes me little heart feel all warm and snuggly.

Lucas and I then got into a discussion about having to buy presents for each other’s parents because our parents were buying presents for the other one and it’s all getting quite confusing, but it’s so, so sweet that our parents and families are joining in on the whole ‘we saw it coming months ago’ thing that everyone has said since we officially got together.

It’s going to be a cute Christmas, I better get present shopping!

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Sophie xx

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