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As I write this I’m on the train back to Southampton from home (but it’s strange because I call Southampton home now as well so I’m going home from home?) but, just like last time I was home for my sister’s birthday, it’s been a busy couple of days to fit everything in.

Last night, Lucas, my boyfriend (it’s official now – do you want me to write a blog post about it? I could do that… if you wanted…), and I stayed at my dad’s house. My mum picked us up and we went to go see my Nan – Lucas hadn’t met my nan before but everyone got on really well, even though both of us are exhausted and starting to feel the strain of travelling half way across the country and back twice in one weekend and barely having a moment to stop and breathe.

Also, tattoos on the ankle make walking more difficult than you’d anticipate – it aches quite a bit.

After going to my nan’s, we went back to dad’s for Sunday lunch, gave him his birthday presents and rocky road to have his ‘birthday’ today so I could be there for it and then we had to pack everything up and get ready to go.

There’s been some severe weather warnings recently and the wind is pretty aggressive so mum didn’t want us to be too late back to Southampton. By the time we get back we will have spent four and a half hours travelling, but my plan for the evening is to publish this post, edit a video and then set up the Nintendo Wii Lucas and I brought back and play MarioKart with Nick until we go to bed.

Bed will be quite early tonight because I have uni tomorrow and I’m neither mentally nor physically prepared for this – I want to write another post for UCAS tomorrow and if I could make a start on my feature assignment it would be a good day, but what I think I’m going to do is get back from uni at 4 and lie on my bed until Lucas gets back from work and we’ll watch Netflix or play more MarioKart or something.

I’m very tired – this week is going to be another long week but luckily I get Tuesday and most of Wednesday off, so hopefully I can catch up on both work and sleep and maybe do my washing too.

The main thing I’m grateful for this weekend is my family and my boyfriend getting on so well. Lucas and I have been together for a month now and he asked me officially to be his girlfriend in this weekend just passed but everyone got on so well that I can’t wait for him to come back home with me again in the beginning of the Christmas holidays.

The Christmas holidays are the light at the end of my tunnel right now – just three more weeks of uni!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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