Page 332 of 365: Tat-three (I got another tattoo…)


Hello (from the other side)!

Sorry for the awful Adele reference – currently watching the X Factor and someone just sung it and Lucas doesn’t like the song so, as he can see me writing this, I thought I’d annoy him because I’m the best girlfriend.

Today I got another tattoo! I’ve been desperate for another tattoo since I moved to uni but I designed a matching tattoo with my sister about a year and a half ago and a couple of months ago we decided we were actually going to get it.

The design is a laurel wreath (what Laura’s name means) with the Greek for wisdom (what my name means) on the inside. The artist that tattooed us was really impressed with the design and everyone at the shop loved the meaning – Laura and I were really, really happy with the design, how it turned out and just how beautiful it looks.

The artist, Lee, was incredible – he talked us through everything before we started, he was chatty but not forceful and he seemed very concerned to make Laura’s first tattoo experience pleasant and somewhat enjoyable (as enjoyable as paying someone to stab you with a needle repeatedly can be) and he gave us very thorough aftercare instructions. He’s the first artist I’ve been to that I’ve felt really comfortable and wanted to go back – I was happy chatting to him, whilst my other tattoos (that were much smaller and didn’t take nearly as long) were uncomfortable and I felt like the artists were judging me.

The experience as a whole was really great and it wasn’t much more expensive than my other tattoos considering how much bigger it is!

The day only got better as we then went to the garden centre and looked at all the Christmas decorations and resisting buying more fairy lights.

Though I’m sure i could find somewhere to put them.

After the garden centre, I went for a nap and then we went into my home town and as the Christmas lights were switched on, it started snowing just a little bit. I know I’ve mentioned Lucas a lot but he means so much to me and tonight was a little bit like a stereotypical rom-com movie that people slate because it’s not very realistic – sometimes it feels a little bit like a dream and I don’t want to wake up.

Now that’s a bit pretentious and cliche, but in my defence – I got that phrase from Lucas. He said it first. He’s clingier than me I swear.

After the light switch on we all went back to Dad’s house for Chinese and watch Inside Out – the new Disney Pixar movie. I thought it was brilliant – very interesting psychologically and I definitely understand a lot of the discussions about gender that I saw on tumblr now! Compared to the last film I watched, Mockingjay Part 2, I think I would rank Inside Out more highly!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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