Page 331 of 365: Home again!



Today was another really long day (hence why this is technically posted past midnight, but no one’s really keeping track… except James… sorry James) but it’s actually been a really good day, so I’m excited to write it all down.

I got up early and was in the shower by half past 8 – nice and productive – because Lucas needed to film something for his course and needed my help so I was up and showered and actually put on make-up for the first time in a week because I knew I’d be on film. Lucas wasn’t up and ready for his own filming but that’s another story entirely.

After filming for him, I went into town to return a pair of converse I bought for photography, browsed Primark and bought a new long sleeved shirt that I really like then went back to my room and watched YouTube until I had to leave for photography class that afternoon.

In photography I did a shoot for my assignment before being told I’d not understood the brief properly and the whole shoot had gone to waste, but it was almost worth it because I got to leave early and get an earlier train to come home for the weekend!

I was on a train by 4.30pm and I was back at home with Lucas by 8pm which is a pretty quick journey considering how far away I live from uni. I got to see my mum’s new house before going to town to meet my friends for the first time in nearly three months, I bumped into an old music teacher (Miss Coggin is incredible, I sincerely miss the jazz band bants) and it was really nice to catch up, see everyone, eat burgers and get some real food… I was very hungry, I hadn’t really eaten properly until that point today.

Then around 10.30-ish we wondered back to Mum’s, watched a bit of Graham Norton, chatted to my mum and my sister, realised I’d missed my deadline to blog, continued chatting until we convinced ourselves to actually go upstairs to bed.

Living in halls at uni, where we chill in the evenings is my bed, so going to bed isn’t all that much effort. In a real house I have to go upstairs and I wasn’t already in my pyjamas and I’ve not taken my make-up off yet. This is the latest night I’ve had this week.

But luckily the guy that’s doing my tattoo tomorrow messaged me and asked if we could push it back, so rather than getting a tattoo at 8.30am tomorrow, it’s 9.30am! 

I’m so relieved that it’s not that early, though the longer I take writing this the less sleep I get!

I’m really excited to be home with Lucas – my little town means a lot to me now that I’ve left it and I can’t wait to share a place that’s so sentimental to me, that shaped my upbringing, to someone who’s living the next big chapter of my life with me! Especially someone who means so much to me.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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