Page 330 of 365: Kitchen Christmas Tree!



Last night, I was sat with Nikki and Lucas and Nikki was saying how much she wanted to make our halls (as in the building, not, like, corridors) look more Christmassy and then when I went shopping today I saw a really cute 2ft one for a really, really reasonable price and then I went to Poundland and bought a tree and all the decorations for under £15 I was very proud of my budget shopping so much so that I forgot how to use punctuation.

I’ve felt very Christmassy since November 1st, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, so putting up the tree this close to December was actually quite an achievement for me. I’m only four days early!

It was really fun putting it up though – Nikki, Nick, Lucas and I (or ‘The Squad’, as we’re affectionately known) put on cheesy Christmas songs, Nikki and I were making the tree look pretty whilst Nick and Lucas were making a star for the tree out of paper which was… less pretty but a good effort none the less!

There are many, many cute selfies that Nikki and I took that I need to share because I’m so festive and cheered up right now.

Look how big my lip ring bar is, it’s so long. Also tree.

Nikki and I are the cutest baes ever.

And then the last thing I’ll share today might just be the best video I’ve ever taken. Nick and Lucas are hilarious and I need everyone to leave comments telling them to make a YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading!

Sophie xx

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