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Last year around Christmas-time I didn’t feel the Christmas spirit until much nearer Christmas itself but this year I’ve been feeling festive since November 1st – as soon as Halloween was over!

I’ve already got tinsel up in my room at uni!

Today, however, has been a really long day and I wasn’t sure what to blog about. My mum suggested talking about Christmas traditions so here we are with a blog post titled Christmas Traditions.

Three guesses what I’m going to talk about.

My family aren’t a particularly ‘traditional’ bunch – in recent years we’ve started going to the garden centre back home and I’ve made montage videos on my YouTube channel showing cute items and things that we’ve found in the Christmas section and we watch ‘Arthur Christmas’ on Christmas Eve while we eat Shepherds Pie and talk about how brilliant that film is.

It’s a true masterpiece.

But we also all prepare vegetables and Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, Mum leaves presents in mine and my sister’s rooms for us to open on Christmas morning (when we were kids it was so we remained entertained in bed till 6am… we got very excited very early) and we also have the ‘big box’ tradition.

My mum always buys/disguises one present by the tree that’s just a massive box that’s got no name on it – so my sister and I have no idea who it’s for. If I recall correctly, they’ve always been for me but Laura’s always got something equivalent but the ‘big box’ has become somewhat of a tradition.

I love Christmas and I love routine hence traditions are something that I really love too (who’s afraid of change? Pff… pff… not me…) and this year, I’m bringing Lucas home for a few days before Christmas after we break up from uni and I’m really excited to show him how my family do Christmas and maybe start some traditions of our own.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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