Page 326 of 365: So close… yet so far



I’ll be honest – I really don’t want to blog today. I’ve had a really productive day, I’ve submitted my writing assignment a day early and I’ve worked really well on one of my other assignments but it’s left me totally shattered and the thought of blogging makes me cry a little bit.

So here I am.


But ever since I hit 300 posts, every post since has just felt so close to the end – after this one I still have 39 blog posts to write which is actually a lot of posts. It’s probably over ten thousand words, it’s 39 different ideas, 39 deadlines that I might struggle to meet because of travelling or socialising or commitment.

But it’s way less than I’ve done already. When this is my 326th blog post, 39 seems so small – insignificant.

And it’s thoughts like that which really remind me that I can do this – I’ve done 39 posts more than eight times over so why can’t I do it one more time?

Because I’m very stressed and I’ve got three 12 hour days coming up this week and they’re all News Days and I hate News Days.

But I’m going home next weekend, I’m taking Lucas with me to show him my home town, I’ll see my home friends again, I’m getting another tattoo, I’m seeing my nan, watching my home town’s Christmas lights be switched on – it’s going to be a really nice weekend.

And that makes the horrible week worth it.

Like the last 326 days make the next 39 easier.

Just 39 more days.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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