Page 325 of 365: Christmas Market



Sorry about yesterday’s blog post – I’ve never had a migraine before and I spent the whole night lying in my room in the dark accidentally worrying Lucas but looking at my phone screen hurt, so I didn’t want to touch my computer. 

Lucas wrote a brilliant blog post though and I’m very lucky to have him around to remember that I needed to blog and offering to do it for me when I couldn’t! Thanks Lucas! 

Today I’ve been feeling a lot better – tired but a lot better so I had a few bits to buy in town and Lucas and I wanted to go to the Christmas market so that’s how we spent the evening. 

The market was lovely – there are Christmas lights everywhere and Christmas songs playing. There were lovely stalls and a festive bar and a German sausage stall where we got hot dogs and even though it was only three degrees and we were both freezing, it was really nice and cute. I tried to film a video but there wasn’t much to film if I’m honest so I think I’m going to film when I’m at home at the Christmas light switch on next week at home and put it all together. 

When we got back, Lucas played Grand Theft Auto for a bit and I accidentally napped before we made a pasta bake. 

It was really good but I’m starting to feel a little ill again so Lucas finished it off for me. I’m going to get another early night and finish my assignment work tomorrow. 

Only four more weeks of uni till Christmas, I think I might just about make it!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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