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Last night, well technically this morning, I went to the midnight release showing of the last Hunger Games film – Mockingjay Part 2 and I wanted to blog about it because it makes me look like a prompt on the ball journalist when really I’m a student who went to the midnight showing of a movie, got back at 3am and started at 9am.

Bad decisions.

I’ve asked my wonderful flat mate, boyfriend type person, Lucas to help me write this because we had a really good in depth discussion about it last night and he didn’t walk me into uni this morning even though I wobbled all the way there. 

Thanks Lucas.


Being the conclusion to a hit blockbuster franchise, Mockingjay Part 2 had a lot to live up to. The film started right where it’s predecessor left off, and this aspect gave a sense of continuation to us as an audience and didn’t miss a beat in keeping it’s audience engaged.

With a scene based heavily on action not too far into the film, anyone put off by the story driven beginning was and is soon satisfied. There are moments throughout the course of this film where as a viewer, I was most certainly caught off guard. Even though we are informed directly from the characters themselves, the writers and producers made a fantastic job of providing outstanding atmosphere for every part of the film. There were times were in which I was so immersed in the world created by the film, that when something dramatic happened, I was shocked back to reality almost.

As the film continued there were moments that could’ve seen more focus as they were seemingly brushed over, some more than others. However, these don’t subtract from the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the film. For me personally, having read the books, I very much enjoyed and appreciated the portrayal of some of the iconic scenes from the story in this film. The scenes provided and effects generated for some of these moments were more than satisfactory, and some even better than I had imagined them too be. 

In conclusion, This film was amazing and I personally have no regrets about seeing it at midnight, it was an appropriate conclusion to an already amazing franchise.

This has been film reviews with Lucas and I give this film, 11 Pandas out of 12¼ Hippos.

And now it’s my turn – Lucas has no regrets about seeing it at midnight because he didn’t have uni at 9am the next day.

Anyway, I think we have slightly different perspectives on the film because he remembers it much more clearly than I do – I’ve read Mockingjay once and that has to have been four or five years ago, so there were key character moments and events that I forgot even happened.

So that meant I was almost watching it as someone who hadn’t read the book – I remembered a lot of the big details but there were lots of other little but important details that I just didn’t retain. With Lucas there to remind me of these and point them out it made the film more analytical I guess – to see it with someone who was paying much closer attention to it than I was and was infinitely more awake than me.

I can’t give you the same in depth description he did but I loved the action scenes though sometimes I found them a little bit difficult to follow – everything was fast and a lot of the camera work was (deliberately I’m sure) shaky and it meant that I didn’t have time to see who characters were or what happened to who.

Might have helped if I was more awake.

There’s one massive spoiler that I won’t reveal but I was really disappointed as to how it was translated from the book, particularly due to Suzanne Collins’ involvement in the film. I shall say no more.

Overall, not quite 11 pandas out of 12 (and a quarter) hippos, but a solid 7/10 – I think I preferred part 1 if I’m being brutally honest!

Now Lucas wants to say something else.


And I could say the same about Peeta.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie and Lucas xx

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